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March 17, 2013
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The blood bubbles up in her mouth, spilling over parted lips.   There pain shooting up her back as his boot smashes down on her ribs, something cracking underfoot.   She looks into his eyes, so pale and dark, expressions hidden by his mask.  There is only the anger... visible even in his garments.  A bright red hatred.
She’d made it for him, this little doll, a bear...  Why won’t he accept it?  Why won’t he take it?  Is she really so beneath him he will not even consider such a small gift?  
She lets her hands fall away, looking towards that bear one last time before closing her eyes, the tear trickling down her eyes.  Why?  
The pain from the blood wouldn’t be so bad, if he’d only accept her.  Why is it she’s doomed to be like this?  She didn’t choose this life.  So why?...  Why must she be alone?

“I hate teddy bears!” he rages, his fist glowing with the flames, the fires flickering from his wrist.  The woman’s hands fall with a slap to the floor, the offensive object having rolled away during their battle.  
He looks towards her, his anger still strong.  How dare she?  How dare she bring up such memories?   He raises his arm, preparing for the final blow, the fires burning brightly around his fist when a wind drifts by.  Something blowing, almost whispering... like a voice?
In here?  In a rail system, he thinks.  He raises his head, looking towards a flower that spins slowly on the currents, landing lightly on the discarded bear’s stomach.  A pink flower, one from his land.  “It can not be...” he says in a whisper.  “Miko?”
The wind sighs, a soft blowing and then there is nothing more.  He bends down slowly, picking up the flower cautiously.  It is there, soft and fragrant even.  The smell lingers in his nose.  So long has it been... so many years since he last smelt it.
There is a wind that drifts by, picking the flower from his hand, blowing it away.  He watches it recede in the distance, disappearing behind the speeding train.  The wind... from that... perhaps?  No.  That would not explain the flower...
He bends down, picking up the bear gently.  Gazing at it.

The woods then smelt of pine, the flowers only beginning to bloom, a colorful cast of whites and purples.  The babbling brook had been churning next to the small cottage he called home once.  It was simple, made of wood, not large or ornate.  But it had been home.
He remembers, bending down, handing something to his son who had been so young back then.  “This is for you,” he’d said.  
“What is it?” said the boy.
“A doll.  A gift for you.”
“I don’t play with dolls!” the boy had chided.  “Those are for girls!”
“Not even fierce bears?” He’d pushed the stuffed animal into the boy’s face, waving it in a playful manner.  The boy had smiled, pushing it away and hugging him.  
He remembers that... the feel of the child’s warm body against him.  The bear forgotten by him then, but always carried by the child.  A child long since gone now...  
He looks down at the bear now.  One his son has never touched.  Never will touch.  But it looks so similar.  He squeezes it in repressed anger and sighs, a single tear falling on its rubber nose.
This is the reason for his anger.  It is not her fault.  Only his.  
He walks over to the woman, looping the bear in a chord at his waist and bends down, feeling her pulse.  Still alive.   She coughs, blood splattering from her lips.
He pulls away, feeling anger.  But not at her.  At himself, for having done this.  He should leave.  He should walk away and never return.
But as he gazes down at her, prone and helpless on the floor, he can not help but feel guilt and responsibility.  If not for him she would not be in this condition.
He lifts her carefully into his arms, hearing her groan, tears slipping out from her eyes.  He should put her back, he thinks.  This is his fault.  He...
“Father...” she whispers.  “It hurts.  Make the pain go away.  Make it go...”
Her voice falls silent, head slumping against his chest.  He looks at her silently, her hair falling over her face.  He’d disregarded her at the beginning.  Now he is confused as to what he should do.  “Miko, help me...” he whispers.
After what feels like several long minutes he disappears in a gout of flame.

Many hours pass before there is another noise, a shadow coming down the stairs, crouched low, long blades shimmering with the setting sun.   The creature snorts, taking in the scents and leaps down, hitting the floor in a crouch, pressing its face against the concrete slabs of stone.
There is sulphur here.  A wretched smoke and heat almost drowning out “her” scent.  Almost.  But she was here.   Somewhere in the sulphur.  But there it ends.
Baraka raises his head up to the sky, fanged mouth opening, a type of beastial noise escaping his lips.  He would find her!  Somehow...   Somehow she would be his!
so i finally got around to writing something to a mortal kombat fanfic. kinda' based around the whole "refusing the teddy" concept of mileena and scorpion. we'll see how many chapters i do to this if any more. some scorpionxmileena here. so enjoy!
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hamburgercranium Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
wasn't scorpion's son a baby when he died?
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
it depends on the version. in some he's a baby, in others he's like 10. the varient i use, he's older.
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
so scorpion has all we need here is sub zero thinking of igloos and Eskimos
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
lol, when i put sub-zero here it will be for different things then eskimos. (considering i think he could probably walk around the ice caps naked i dont think wearing furs is an issue with him.)
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
...(Snickers) Lol...that's a funny one, how's my stuff, good, bad? What is your intake sir?
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
I'm about half way through part one of section one. it has something of anime feel, but you do have some issues. i got mixed up in the ben part with who was talking- wasn't sure which of the three was talking and the one guy pulling out his sword suddenly made me lose what nice feelings i had for him.
also, if we're just following matthew and no one else is around you can replace some of the "matthew's" with "he" he did this, he did that, and we'll know it's matthew since we're following him.
I would also like some intro of the mythology of the world. everyone has powers but there's no early explanation of the why, so it makes that harder to follow.
on the whole so far, it has potential. just needs some tweaking and reworking.
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ok....that's what i get for not explaining it till later. OK, the angels are from God, the demons are from Satan, the Hafuans are from Science, and the dragons are from a place not on earth. Sorry about the whole, problem with seeing who is talking, i try to point out to who's talking at the end rather then the beginning. like this
"I have to go!" Matthew ran over to the car.
instead of saying said and i repeat the saying over because i needed to keep up with who's doing what. Thank you for the constructive criticism, much appreciated. As you can see i am not perfect, i am human.
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
oh no problem. as long as you can take the criticsm is no issue.
ArcNovaXIII Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
its good, i hope you enjoy the rest
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