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005 - Mario by quila111

good nice ink work here. good detailing and over all look with a nice fun pose. the character is well defined and quite adorable, the m...

Flesh Forest Concept by SovietMentality

really impressive piece here. It definitly pops out right from the start when you first view it. there is an intense variety of colors ...

MK Legacy Scorpion by Esau13
by Esau13

the first thing that comes to mind is "impressive!" the character appearances really blows someone away and the intricacy put in to det...

Batman an Harley Quinn by Marcio Abreu by CB-ComicArt

There is something just truly impressive about seeing a reversal to the damsel in distress trope and yet not showing the damsel, batman...


A note on sjw's of supposed art thievery. I notice a lot of people who blame someone of "stealing a pose" or "copying art" have art theft  or some problem themselves (generally stealing anime screen shots and calling it their own). one today accusing an artist of tracing sakimichan's art today for example with a very quick glance at their gallery had straight up porn on it and tried to defend it with "but I had a mature content filter on it."  If one is going to harass another artist about theft, make sure there is nothing in your gallery that can be called to question.
A note since it worked with the joke piece and is a good place holder, i'll be putting up sketches of fatalities and comics that won't be worked on immediatly in the scraps department as i did with rider's joke. so if you want a look at possible works in progress you'll want to watch scraps as well. ^^
The internet cries over scarlet johanson playing makoto from ghost in the shell crying "white wash" and then i think of the live actions to attack on titan and terraformars which were supposed to have either a white cast (titan) or terraformars (very diverse cast) and they got japan washed and i just think, I can't care if they get whitewashed here when the whole world racial washes for what is common in their region.
speaking to a friend on sf about character damage believability and arguing how a human man in sf being punched through the ribs out his back with a fist sized hole is not something healable for a human. to me this exceeds believeability without a healing factor. and even with healing factors, things like priscilla in claymore healing being chopped into confetti or reiner in titan healing a blown off brain exceed believeability. what do you guys think? are there points where even within fantasy you can no longer accept the believability of the exaggerations of story?
currently working on scorpion's face rip fatality. what fatalities would viewers like to see from mortal kombat, killer instinct, war gods, primal rage or resident evil or dead space?

Tagging Game

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 9:49 AM

Was tagged by Lianachan on tumblr and figured I'd share the game here cuz it was fun

1. Go to this website. WWW.RANDOM.ORG/lists/
2. Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into.
3. Tag five or more people.
4. Have fun!

1. Mom/Dad: emiya shirou - (huh, good food)

2. Your sibling: Tia Hallibel (she’s a quiet one)

3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: Lupo (this…  somehow makes sense)

4. Haunts you: Diarmuid (I’m not Kiritsugu, you idiot!)

5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: Saber Alter (… did not see this coming… and somehow fitting)

6. Your ex: Annie Leonhardt (scary present and scary ex. huh, I detect a certain pattern)

7. Your best friend: Medusa (how? when?… really? woa)

8. Proposed to you: Saber Lily. (this is still falling into a certain pattern isn’t it?)

9. Your boss:  Mordred (oh son of a… if I’m dating/marrying saber I can tell this’d be hell)

10. The random person you met at the bar: Ikaros (probably staring at her wings)

11. Your Rival: Rei Ayanami (uhm… how? when? this is about as confusing as medusa being my best friend)

12. Gave you your first kiss: Jill Valentine (okay… kinda awesome)

13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: Ophelia… (yeah.. I can see this)

14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Medea (dark magician who you’re contacting on the other side… yep.. makes sense)

15. Gave you your favorite dessert: Clare (she can cook? she must of learned from raki)

All of the anime characters I chose yo.XDDD it was hella fun to do it x’‘‘D


Stalkin' Claymores day and Night
United States
A claymore lover as you can tell. Like dinosaurs and ninja as well. May get a bit obssesive. Unlikely to ever post actual pic of myself, so you have to deal with toon drawings then. hehe.

Current Residence: utah
Favourite genre of music: soundtracks
Favourite photographer: peter parker- spider-man
Favourite cartoon character: A Claymore(female) A Ninja (male)
Personal Quote: the true warrior comes to the arena with all his skills at the ready

which short comic would you like to see? 

4 deviants said reixshinji - i'm sorry rei
4 deviants said anniexbertholdt- titan princess
1 deviant said anniexarmin - you broke my heart


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Sent you money for a third AntiKorrasami commission
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alright. send refs and info on what you wanted again. thanks
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Just did. You're welcome. Sorry if I sent the same message again. I thought my note didn't get sent
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yeah, just wasn't home today. had a trip and such most of the day
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How much does a NSFW drawing cost? Same as for three characters and a background?
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yep. there's no difference between nsfw and regulars price wise
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Okay then. I'll tell you in a note
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Tony Stark is no longer Iron Man
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He's being replaced by a young black girl
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