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Batman an Harley Quinn by Marcio Abreu by CB-ComicArt

There is something just truly impressive about seeing a reversal to the damsel in distress trope and yet not showing the damsel, batman...

Your Soul Is Mine by thefreshdoodle

quite the impressive piece here. this one drew me in immediatly with the strong impact of the action going on and the well known death ...

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Commission: Eclipse in the forest by Onyrica
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Top Favorite Women In Gaming/anime/comics

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 22, 2015, 9:44 AM
hmm.... so I figured I'd do this since I see a few people and it helps me look at characters I enjoy.
#1- obviously- :iconladyopheliaplz: ophelia from claymore- Most Beautiful Woman by mortalshinobi Savoring the Kill... by mortalshinobi
believe it or not, at first I actually hated this character and would have nightmares with her, but the episodes where she shows up even back when I disliked her were among my favorite, and as much as people in the claymore fandom like to deny it, the angles they used along with the tight costume she wears gave me an interest, and besides, I honestly already liked sociopaths and elves and she's both! so she's the perfect elf. heh. also gave me more of an appreciation for the braided look. you'd think croft would have done that but never taken much interest in croft aside from her looks really. go figure.

#2  Annie leonhardt from attack on titan- Humanity Is A Mask by mortalshinobi Do you really want to fight me? by mortalshinobi
I find her sour nature enjoyable and honestly, seeing the female titan is the only reason I even looked into the series with all the hype the series as a whole was getting.  I enjoy both her titan form and her regular self and how even as small as she is she can take on the likes of eren and reiner as if they were garbage to be thrown out. (which they are)  her mixed up mindset makes you pity her and her incredible persistance is admirable, even at a point protecting those who get themselves in trouble. and sadly, honestly, she's like the only character that made an impact on me in the series which isn't highly negative. the main trio of heroes I actually despise so the series as a whole gives me little interest, but annie herself is still awesome.

#3 Saber/Arturia Pendragon from fate/stay night- A King And Servant by mortalshinobi Go, Webshooters Go by mortalshinobi
Saber, someone who is interesting all around in all her incarnations.  another small girl with a will of iron and a belief in carrying the burdens of her fallen homeland to such a level it becomes a naive ideology of hers that can never be realized. She is strong of will, an excellent fighter, conservatively dressed for a fantasy warrior and has fun dark versions and chibi versions to herself. it was still awesome how she ate lancer in the comic series when she was a literal lion. heh.

#4 Ayanami Rei from Evangelion Neon Genesis - Rei the friendly ghost by mortalshinobi My heart is already yours, Ikari by mortalshinobi
This character is the first one I enjoyed from anime from the first anime I officially got into.  Severely quiet with a mental issue of believing she is someone disposable because she knows she is a clone ayanami still forces herself to be calm and pushes our not so gallant hero ahead helping him through his own psychological traumas with his father.  The first girl in amine I liked and one who hasn't really gone away for me as a muse.

#5 Tia Harribel from Bleach - Yo Soy La Tercera... by mortalshinobi Dangerous Pair by mortalshinobi
Normally I'm not into darker skinned women but Harribel is the exception.  she has that constant dark brooding nature has a somewhat ninja like appearance (if you ignore all the skin she exposes) and has a surprisingly caring nature when you consider how she treats her subordinates and the woman is incredibly strong.  she had so many features I admired I ended up creating a character based on her that I still use as a primary character. (you'll have to guess who.)  though bleach is chalk full of faults, the inclusion of harribel was a definite plus.

I could put more characters into this list, but I won't.  You'll have to guess who six through ten are. I'm sure you know some of em. heh. these ones are just my top five currently and it is a list that fluctuates, (except for rei, she seems to stay on there almost no matter what. I think lowest she ever dropped was rank #6. go figure.) hope you enjoy! maybe I'll do one on the guys later on.


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A claymore lover as you can tell. Like dinosaurs and ninja as well. May get a bit obssesive. Unlikely to ever post actual pic of myself, so you have to deal with toon drawings then. hehe.

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What background/arena should i work on next? 

4 deviants said netherealm - mk vs dc
2 deviants said yang living snake trees stage
2 deviants said graveyard
1 deviant said pit bottom - mk 9
1 deviant said blood marsh - mk krypt
1 deviant said corrupted woods - mk krypt
1 deviant said living forest
No deviants said sindel's desert
No deviants said falling cliffs


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I already mentioned this to :icon345rv5: and :iconthe-conquerors:, but is it wrong if I find it amusing a shooting spree was foiled by the sheer incompetence of the would-be perps?

Apparently one of the (her account is long gone but she used to go by :iconsnoopyfemme: ) DA neo-Nazis got busted for planning to participate in a shooting spree.…
345rv5 Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist
Yeah, just about a week ago
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it is kinda amusing and shows she wasn't very cautious with her actions.  she shoulda' been more careful
XuhanShi Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
If one's going to do something like commit murder you think the last thing you'd want to do is post a literal announcement for it like here.…

It's also hilarious to me that the girl with a shallow obsession with Nazism and white supremacy is half-Asian and looks completely yellow/brown without her, as I call it 'white girl makeup.' I didn't even know she was half-Asian - I thought she was completely white the way she drew herself and with said makeup on in all the photos she posted of herself.
mortalshinobi Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
no idea myself as i never followed her or had interest to. all her pics do show her with a brownish yellowish color, which sorta makes me laugh considering how often said "supremecist" aren't even white themeselves
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How much does it cost to have a commission colored again?
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